An image is worth a thousand data.


Through dashboards you see beyond the information, analyzes behaviors and trends and has
strategic insights.

Show your work value

With rich and effective presentations that transform your data into strategic information.

Mobile devices

In addition to the desktop, the TaticView can be used in tablets and smartphones. Right information where you need it.

Save time

With a single dashboard you set and distributes only the specific information for each area or user.

Full control

Import your data and spreadsheets. Organize, control and distribute safely and accurately the information.

Tactical information, where it needs to be.

In your office, on the client or on the road, answers and decisions can not wait.
Analyze, filter and share information on your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Strategic intelligence in the cloud.

TaticView is an application hosted on Amazon's servers, which ensures stability and speed of access. Your data is safe and available anytime. Your information will always be available anywhere.




Import your spreadsheet formulas or create new ones for your needs.



Your information only with the right people and define what each can see.

Lots of objects

Lots of objects

Use a variety of charts, gauges, tables and other objects to build their dasboards.


Dynamic Filters

Filter the data of your dashboards for dashborard, users, objects or columns.

Sem programação, apenas informação

No programming, just information.

Organize your data in spreadsheets, crosscheck, analyze and take broad view of the information is a difficult task.

In addition, most of the time, your deadlines are short to organize all this information.

When you import your spreadsheets for TaticView you have at hand, quickly and efficiently, dasboards that allow analysis of information in many ways.

About us

TaticView is developed by SADIG, a company founded in 1986 that develops and sells business intelligence software, always looking for convenience, objectivity, ease of use, adding value to the processes of its users.

TaticView is an online service that allows non-technical users to create and share powerful and beautiful dashboards, in a fast, simple and secure way. TaticView transforms your data to dashboards from spreadsheets and / or text files.

Who uses TaticView

“With TaticView I gained up valuable time in my work. Before, to present results and indicators to my clients, I dedicated hours tweaking and choosing information from various spreadsheets to adapt them to every need. Now I spent a tenth of the time to have most accurate and well presented information.”

TaticView User

Alexandre Schäffer

IT Consultor

OUSAR Gestão de negócios

“My job is essentially visual and often I was limited to rates in spreadsheets in my presentations. With TaticView I quickly convert data into dashboards and get beautiful visual impact in my reports.”

TaticView User

Gerson Kauer


Kauer ideia e imagem

Our team

Colaborador TaticView

Luiz Fernando Ohlweiler


Colaborador TaticView

Mauricio Voltolin


Colaborador TaticView

Fernando Hartmann


Colaborador TaticView

Pedro Steffens



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