Your work much faster

Your most accurate decisions.

TaticView transforms your data into 

Strategic Views

It goes beyond spreadsheets, it is a true Self-service of information.

With no analysis and transparency, there is no strategy. With no strategy, there is no efficient management.

Check out our presentation video below:

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Use it for free

and give a boost to your management.

Make yourself worth it

Detailed and efficient presentations transform your data into strategic information, adding value to your work.


Besides the Desktop, you can use TaticView on tablets and smartphones. Accurate data, wherever you need.

Save time

With a single management dashboard, you can select and distribute only the specific information for each sector or user.

Full control

Import your data and dashboards, organize, control and distribute the information with safety and accuracy.

Your data will be safe and available at any time.

TaticView is an application hosted on Amazon servers, on which guarantees the stability and a fast access.
Besides, your information will always be updated, no matter where you are accessing from.

Who is using TaticView:

“I recommend TaticView because it is a cloud application, have low cost, its ease of use, it allows simple file upload and it has the possibility of automatic data loading.

For my company, TaticView brings a vision of modernity and agility, to my clients, brings quick, reliable and shareable information.”

Paulo Farias
Financial and strategic management consultant

Paulo Farias Consulting

“My business and my client’s business are split between before, and after TaticView. We had too many dashboards that were too hard to build and understand.

They are now “Simple and powerful visual information”. Everything is clear, straightforward and objective! The decisions are now well grounded.

An amazing tool, simple and very useful and the support team is EXCELLENT.”

Leandro Souza

Fivers Consultoria Financeira